The Story  

Padua Academy is an all-girls Catholic high school in Wilmington, Delaware. In Delaware’s highly competitive high school market, brand perception is everything. And for decades, the Padua brand struggled as a “second-tier safety school.” Or as their own headmaster described it, “a school for Italian secretaries.” But that wasn’t the case anymore. Over the years, the new Padua had built up a solid core of teachers. Their athletic program was on the rise. And because of the stronger curriculum, graduates were going on to colleges and universities that rivaled those that graduates of the more storied—and more expensive—high schools in town were attending.

The Strategy  

Our job was to uncover the real Padua brand and bring it to life. After interviewing students, faculty and administration, it was clear. Padua brings out the best in every girl and prepares them for a life of leadership and service. From here, they go on to do amazing things, at amazing institutions. We wanted to depict Padua as the facilitator of greatness. Uncovering the power that lies within every young woman.

The Success  

This acceptance message cut through, with both students and their parents, who were looking for a preparatory school that would position their daughters for success. Across the board, admissions are up. The quality of candidates is up. And Padua is now in the same consideration set as the more elite high schools.

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