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Posts by Chris Marts

  1. Tech

    Responsive images on the responsive web

    You’ve probably heard about “responsive web design” by now. Hopefully you’ve been able to incorporate this into any new web projects you’re working on, and you’ve already converted — or plan to convert — your existing high-value or high-traffic websites. While responsive web design has been universally accepted and adopted, it does have a dark […]

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  2. Tech

    To CMS or not to CMS?

    As a Technical Director at AB&C, I’m mainly involved in the technical production for our web projects — from landing pages for specific campaigns to websites for hospital systems. For the last few years, we’ve been doing much of this production in a content management system (CMS), a web-based application that enables us to give […]

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  3. Social Media

    Is Twitter dead? It shouldn’t matter.

    Every once in a while you’ll see an article asking “Is Twitter Dead?” even suggesting that if you’ve been avoiding Twitter as part of a “non-strategy,” it may be paying off! The problem with that perspective is that Twitter is not a strategy. It’s not even a tactic. It’s a channel! The strategy (and ultimately […]

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  4. Tech

    The browser wars are back on.

    Remember the browser wars of the late nineties? Half the online population thought “Netscape” actually was the Internet and Microsoft was just starting to take the Internet seriously. Of course, Internet Explorer emerged the victor and whether you’re in the camp that faults Microsoft’s heavy-handed tactics or the camp that recognizes Netscape’s failure to innovate, […]

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  5. Tech

    What is Google Wave?

    What do email, instant messaging, forums and ticketing systems have in common? They are all mechanisms that two or more people can use to send communication back and forth. The primary differences between each is the number of people participating, the medium in which the messages exists, the speed with which the messages are delivered […]

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