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Posts by David Michaluk

  1. Research

    Web Usage Dips in 2009: Tied to Unemployment

    There was a very interesting study released by Harris Interactive showing that web users are online an average of 13 hours per week. This is a slight dip from the same observed period in 2008 where they saw average users online for 14 hours per week. The major change? In 2008, 43% of users were […]

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  2. Agency Life

    Google supports agencies through AgencyLand portal

    Google has long focused on empowering the consumer, evident in its easy-to-use self-serve tools. This focus is especially apparent to agencies trying to manage client AdWords/Analytics accounts (credit card–centric billing, max of 25 Analytics accounts per Google Account, flimsy integration of Webmaster Tools). Google is taking steps to remedy this, however, with the launch of […]

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  3. Tech

    The Google Chrome Operating System – Vindicated yet, Ellison?

    Google announces an OS. For anyone even remotely familiar with cloud computing (is that term still used?), thin/dumb clients, Android, Chrome and how Google operates, this is not a real big surprise. Google’s answer to OS bloat is lean and mean (and uses an open-source Linux kernel). Empowering the programming community could (should) bring some […]

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  4. Tech

    Your Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google: BFF?

    You have finally launched a beautiful customer-centric website. Now what? As traffic flows move from brick-and-mortar storefronts to online locations, it is vital that you stake your claim online. And, as in real estate, there are still three keys: location, location, location. If you build it, they will come no longer works. With well over […]

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  5. Tech

    Slinging Bing

    Microsoft has launched its answer to Google in Bing, its replacement for Live Search. This latest go at a search platform has some interesting quirks, including instances of single results on the SERP (search engine results page) for keywords it’s certain have a single destination site. On the homepage, Bing layers a pleasing image behind […]

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  6. Digital Media

    Advertising revenue and paradigm shifts

    Have you seen “Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet” by Eric Clemons? Reads partially like another “pay for content” scheme. But it is totally true that most premium (and non-premium) content creators cannot sustain their business models based on their current advertising model. could not support its robust site and content without the […]

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  7. Observations

    Viral marketing & managing expectations

    Ken Block’s spirited gymkhana video finally made AdGabber today. For those of you not familiar with Subaru beyond taking your Labrador and 2.5 kids for an off-road picnic, the company has an amazing history of hooliganism thanks to the spirited Impreza line and the tunability of its turbo four and chuckability of AWD.The amazing performance […]

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  8. Strategy

    A focus on customer and lead retention

    A travel-related client of ours recently came to us looking for marketing vehicles which could energize its aging loyalty program member list and have trackable ROI. With the travel industry seeing hard times this change in direction is quite timely, with many companies transitioning from an awareness focus to a retention focus. The client’s loyalty […]

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